Dome Tent Reviews

<p>Dome tents possess a basic framework and come in sizes from small, lightweight, 2 person tents to large tents that can sleeep 8 or more people. The standard dome tent will consist of two curved poles that cross at the top of the tent. Dome tents rely on the tension of these poles to ensure a solid structure and do not require any pegs or guy ropes, although in high winds it is usually necessary to peg the tent down. </p>
Today, there is a wide variety of dome designs available. Many expand upon the traditional two curved poles and feature 3 poles and/or non-traditionally shaped bases. On these pages, you can find dome tent reviews and information on a number of a different styles available by popular tent manufacturers. </p>

Coleman SunDome
Coleman SunDome 7x7 3-Man Tent
Columbia Bugaboo II Geo Dome Tent
Columbia Bugaboo II 5-Man Tent
Eureka Apex 2XT Two-Person Tent
Eureka Apex 2XT 2-Man Tent
Kelty Grand Mesa 6-Person Tent
Kelty Grand Mesa 6-Man Tent
Kelty Teton 2 Person Tent Review
Kelty Teton 2 Two-Man Tent
Eureka 1 Man Tent Review
Eureka Backcountry 1 Man Tent