ALPS Mountaineering Vertex 4 Backpacking Tent Review

ALPS Mountaineering Vertex 4
ALPS Vertex 4 Man Backpacking Tent
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ALPS Vertex 4 Man Backpacking Tent Review

The ALPS Mountaineering Vertex 4-Person Tent is an easy to assemble, lightweight, backpacking tent.  Perfect for hiking, the Vertex 4 is easy to pack, easy to haul and once you reach your destination, set-up is a breeze.

The Vertex 4-man tent includes enhanced ventilation and visibility with mesh side panels and roof vents, twin doors with vestibules for easy accessibility, storage of gear and equipment, and protection against weather elements. It features a 7000 series aluminum poles and a free standing two pole design where poles are shock corded together.

The Vertex 4 Tent offers superior weather protection with factory sealed and urethane coated floor and fly seams.  



  • Free Standing two Pole Style utilizing 7000 Series Aluminum Poles
  • Polyester Fly prevents UV Damage
  • Manufacturing area Sealed Fly and Floor Seams
  • 2 Doors, 2 Vestibules
  • Quick Accessibility, Superb Ventilation, and Additional Weather Safeguards
  • Effortless Set up along with Pole Clips 

ALPS Vertex 4 Backpacking Tent Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of the ALPS Mountaineering Vertex 4 tent from actual owners are outstanding overall, with well over 90% of all customers giving this tent 4 or more stars out of 5.

Positive Customer Reviews

This tent is very lightweight, and easy to set up and take down. The rain fly pole seems tight at first, but is easy to get into the pockets if you brace one end against your hip and pull on the other end to bend the pole slightly. The tent is very stable without stakes; I didn't use them in five days of backpacking.
-- N.T.

If you are looking to get a relatively light-weight tent for hiking, look no more. This tent presents effortless set up and is also free standing, so if you're backpacking on firm terrain, you will not need to worry about bent tent spikes.
-- B.S.

This tent far exceeded my expectations. It is well worth the price. Excellent for use on backpacking trips.
-- L.L

Negative Customer Comments

There are almost no negative reviews of this tent. Below are some negative comments we have found.

Had to stake it down when it got windy, though: the thing's like a wind sail with its rain guard on.
-- R.C.

A little too heavy for someone trying to minimize weight. I added a thin plastic ground cloth and I think the tent was around 4.5 pounds.
-- K.M.

I bent the rainfly pole putting it in as it's a little too long.
-- I.B.